Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

Curriculum & Instruction

The Orleans Central Supervisory Union coordinates curriculum as prescribed in the Education Quality Standards:

 As required in 16 V.S.A. §261a(a)(1), the board of each supervisory union shall ensure that each school implements the supervisory union’s written and delivered curriculum, which shall be

  1. aligned with the standards approved by the State Board of Education; 

  2. coordinated across all grades to prepare students for graduation; 

  3. coordinated across the supervisory union, including sending high schools 
and technical centers; 

  4. informed by ongoing review of new research, changing learning 
opportunities, and updates to the standards approved by the State Board of 

  5. designed to enable all students to achieve the graduation requirements; and 

  6. integrated with technology across all disciplines.


The supervisory union also coordinates development and implementation of an assessment system as noted in the Education Quality Standards:

Each supervisory union shall develop, and each school shall implement, a local comprehensive assessment system that

  1. assesses the standards approved by the State Board of Education; 

  2. employs a balance of assessment types, including but not limited to, teacher- or student-designed assessments, portfolios, performances, 
exhibitions and projects; 

  3. includes both formative and summative assessments; 

  4. enables decisions to be made about student progression and graduation, 
including measuring proficiency-based learning; 

  5. informs the development of Personalized Learning Plans and student 

  6. provides data that informs decisions regarding instruction, professional 
learning, and educational resources and curriculum; and 

  7. reflects strategies and goals outlined in the district’s Continuous 
Improvement Plan.